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篇一:我的家庭英语作文200字:my family

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I love my family, because I have a happy family.

My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What’s my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you’re right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirty-seven. My mother is always laborious work. I love my parents!

On Saturday and Sunday, I often go to the library and play the piano, My father go to play basketball. Sometimes, we watch TV and listen to music at home.

I love my family. Because I’m very happy to live with my parents together!








我读了美国著名作家海明威的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功。 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,却拉不上来老渔夫同鱼周旋了几天后,才发现这是一条超过自己渔船数倍的大马林鱼,虽然明知很难取胜,但仍不放弃。后来又因大马林鱼伤口上的鱼腥味引来了几群鲨鱼抢食,但老人仍不愿就这样放弃,最终突出重围,将大鱼带回了渔港,让其他渔夫佩服不已。

I read a novel named “the old man and the sea” written by a famous writer Ernest Hemingway. After reading it, I very admire the will of the protagonist of the novel an old fisherman, he let me know that the key to a person’ success is persistence. The novel described an old fisherman who was nearly sixty years old, he caught a big fish in a time when he went fishing in the sea by himself, but he couldn’t pull the big fish up. After he worked with the fish for a few days, he found that the fish was several times bigger than his fishing boat. Although knowing is hard to win the big fish, he didn’t give up. Then a few groups of sharks attracted by the smell of the big fish’s wound, but the old fisherman still didn’t want to give up. Finally he succeeded and took big fish back to the fishing port. After seeing this, the other fishermen all admired the old fisherman.

This novel let me thought up an old saying goes “where there is a will there is a way有志者事竟成”


The hero of this book is a little prince from an outer planet. A pilot as the narrator in this book, telling that the experience of all kinds of adventures the prince went through during him set up from his own planet for the earth. During the trip, the prince missed A Cavalier King, a vain man, a kill time drunkard, a businessman who seeks nothing but profits, a lamplighter who hewed to a line and a pedantic geographer, finally reaching the earth, then meted the person “me” in the vast Sahara desert". The writer of the book used children’s vision to perspective the emptiness, blind and foolish of the adult. He also used some native language to write out the loneliness and happy-go-lucky life of human beings. At the same time, the book also expresses the criticism of money and the praise of beauty from the writer. In the writer’ opinion, love is hot like the volcano on the planet the prince lived on, friendship is doing one’s best to each other like the prince kill weeds for the roses.

篇三:my plan for new term英语作文200字

My Plan For New Term

Form Thunder

When it comes to my new term plane,I want a good planning on in terms of learning,Because in the last semester learning were not taken seriously.Remember every time,I ai=always feel remorse.

Last semester I got many award in mathematicem,make progress in math. In Chinese, my prose poetry writing ability increased significantly, often receive the classmates and teachers

Oral English has always been my in last term’s biggest flaw.I am too shy to communicate with others in English.So,I’m on the oral English exam achievement is not very iderl.I should study harder and harder, because practice makes perfect.

We are not small children any more. I should spend some of my spare time helping my parents do housework to help reduce their burden.

As a grateful girl,I must take the initiative to take on the responsibility of housework. Such as sweep the floor,do the dishes and so on.From this, i can learn how to care for others and doing chores can not only bring me a lot of valuable experience but also help me feel the sense of achievement.

In the word, I hope I can in the new semester as I plan go smoothy!


我对英语的看法(My views on English)

I often hear some students say English is difficult, and it gives them a headache. So they can’t learn it well. But English is very easy for me. I’m good at it. I’m very glad to tell you something about how I study English.

First, I think an interest in English is very important.

When I was in Grade One, we had a new subject — English. It was fresh to me. I became interested in it, so I worked hard at it. Soon we had an English exam and I got a very good mark. How happy I was! Since then, I have been learning English harder and harder. Our English teacher often taught us English songs, and the songs sounded nice. I often think how interesting English is!Second, English is another language different from our Chinese. We should learn it in the following ways: Listen to the teacher carefully in class, speak bravely, read aloud and have a larger and larger vocabulary, and then practice again and again. And I have a good habit: Whenever I have a question, I must make it clear by asking our English teacher. How happy I am when I understand it!

Besides, I often read English stories, jokes and easy novels. From these I know English is not only interesting, but also useful. They help me understand a lot of things. So to do more reading is an important way to learn English well.

And I also do some exercises in our workbooks, and I keep English diaries. English has become a close friend of mine.

Now I have learned English for more than two years. I am always in the first place in our class. Of course, I hope every classmate of mine can learn English well too.

在学校的一天(A day at school)

I am busy every day at school. I get up at 6:00 . Then do morning exercise and morning reading . There are four classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon . I have lunch at home . After lunch I have a short rest .

From half past four to half past five in the afternoon is our favourite time. I can take part in many extra-curricular activities like singing club, English club, drawing club, and so on.At half past five I go home.How busy I am at school! But I am really happy!

我是个女孩(I am a girl)

I'm an ten-year-old girl.I'm tall and have long hair, black eyes.

I am a diligent student. I work hard at my lessons.I like reading and writing.

My mother often working diligently.I often help my mother do house-work.I'm good at sleeping floor.My parents always praise me.My parents give me all the love.I like them very much.I'm really a lucky girl.

I'm a happy girl too.It's summer holiday now.I don't go to school.I stay at home.Sometimes I play comeputer at home. But I don't play for a long time.Because it's too bad for my eyes.As the saying says,"Play while you play,and work while you work." I think it's true.

How happy I am!

他是我朋友(He was my friend)

He was my friend

Liu Yukai was my friend. He is nine years old. He is tall and thin, He has two eyes like twinkle stars. He is very handsome. He was loud. But now, he is a bit quiet. He is naughty. We always play together at play time.

He always does some work for our class. He made two beautiful boards. These boards can made our study better.

He is good at Chinese and Art. He can write good composition and draw beautiful pictures.His desk was untidy. He always put his book on the desk at sixes and sevens. But now he is a bit tidy.

He is my best friend. I think we can do more better together at study and other things.

我生活中的电脑(Computer in my life)

With the develop of modern technology,computer is widely used in my life.With the help of computer I can learn of anything in the world.

With computer's help I can work easily,so I have more free time than before,and I can talk with my friends online.I don't need to buy books,because I can read books online.I can buy things online.

So since I have the computer I only need to sit in my room and I can know anything on the earth.

愉快的旅行(A pleasant trip)

This summer holiday,my parents and I went to the century park.We had a picnic in there.When we reached the park,we were attracted by the beautiful flowers,trees and lakes.We were happy at that time.In order to have picnic,we wanted to find a place to sit. finally ,we found a good place.After the picnic,we sle(原文来自:wWW.zuOWEnzhouKan.com 作 文周 刊:英语记叙文200字)pt on the ground.We stayed there for a day,we were pleased with the trip.

我的暑假计划(my summer holiday plan)

Summer holiday is coming.Have you got any plans for this coming holiday.If we haven,t got any,let me tell you my plan.I will get up at eight 'oclock I will listen to the pop music when I am tired.After that ,I will play the computer games with my friendsIt’s time for lunch.I will have the lunch in three minutes,and then go out for class.When the class is over,I will continue playing the computer games with my friends and do my homework.

我的同学(My classmate)-共两篇


She is my classmate, She sits near me. She is a tall beautifull girl with a long black hair.She is warmhearted.She is always ready to help others,She is also kind to us.My Maths isn’t very good.She always give me a helping hand and let me make much progress.She is also very

helpful.She always donates much money to the poor.It is four years since I met her.In one word She is my example.


She is my deskmate.She is a tall girl with a long black hair.She is warmhearted.If we some problems,She will give us a helping hand. I want to thank her.She is also very kind to me.With the help of her, I have made much more progress than before.She is also very helpful.She always donates money to the poor.She sets a good example in our class.

怎样保持江河的清洁?(How can we make rivers clean?)

There are several reasons for the serious water pollution in our home town.First,many factories polluted the river,nothing could live there.Second,used batteries were thrown into the rivers,,Finally,rubbish was put into the river.If we don’t protect rivers from pollution,we will have water problem.we must educate people to know how important the water is.And how much water can be used in our daily life,and how many are thirsty.Some factories can’t be built near the river.I think they will follow the rules,and they also can protect the water.

父母过去的生活(My Parents' past life)

My father and mather get married when they are 25,and one year later,I was borned in this beautiful city,my parents love each other and both of them loves me a lot,they always buy a lot of things for me.when I grows up,they send me to the school,I love my family.

怎样学好英语(How to learn English well?)

the morden world,English is very important for us!As a student,I should try my best to learn it well!

First,I think I should remember the words that I have learned!

Second,I think Ishould talk with my English teachter as often as possible.

Third,listen to English proggram is also very important!

Do you have some better suggestions? Let's share!


Dear mother,

Are you happy to hear from me? I am very excited to write to you. Today is Mother's Day, but I can't go home. I also can't do anything special for you. But I want to say, "Thank you, Mum!" I think you are the best mother in the world. You are great. You do the most housework in our family. You work hard every day. Also you take care of us. You are tired. The best wishes to you! Happy Mother's Day!

I am very well at school. I work hard at my lessons. I take exercises in the morning. I am very strong. I enjoy my school life. Don't worry.

Your son

我的爱好(My Hobby)

Do you have a good hobby? My hobby is making model rockets. I have a lot of rockets. I build one of my rockets myself. It's made of wood and cardboard. I glued it together, then I painted it. I lauched it in a filed. I t goes too high. I thought it was lost because I looked for it for seve days. At last I found it. It landed in a tree.

I joined a rocket club in my town. We meet every month. Sometimes we compete. If someone's rocket goes the highest, he will win. We also give prizes for the best-built rocket. Making rockets is exciting and easy. Rockets are fun to build and really fun to launch.

Do you want to join my club. It's very interesting.

怎样保持健康(How to keep fit)

More and more people are getting fatter; they prefer fast food to healthy food. Eating too much junk food is bad for our health and study. So do you want to know how to keep fit? There are four kinds of ways, which can help you to keep fit.

1 Drink milk and eat eggs every day.

2 Eat more vegetables and more fruit.

3 Take more exercise.

4 Sleep well.

Good habits and a healthy lifestyle is good for our health.

我的假期(My Vacation)

I'm a Middle School student. I’ll have a good winter vacation. I’ll have a long vacation. I have a very good plan for this vacation.

I think about going to Beijing. I heard Beijing is beautiful and there are many people there who are friendly.

I am going to the Tian'an Men Square, going to the Palace Museum, going to the Great Wall and going to the Beijing Hutong.These famous places can make me have fun. I can do something else, I can go shopping, go sightseeing, eat a lot of food. At night, maybe I can rent videos and sleep a lot…

A great vacation! I can't wait!

做一个好学生(TO Be A Good Student)

think a good student should learn a serious,honest andlike help other people .Sometimes make mistakes,but can becorrected in the first time. At the sane times,he is also a good teacher′s asstant,to help other teathers trick home work serious,what do you thing?

怎样保护我们的环境(How to Protect Our Environment)

Our environment is getting worse and worse now. People throw their garbage here and there. Factories make more and more dirty water that has polluted the rivers and lakes. What should we


We must find ways to stop pollution. Waste water must be cleaned before it is poured into the river. People shouldn't throw away rubbish here and there. We should pick up the garbage around us. We'd better plant more trees.

I'm sure if we take care of our environment, our world will be more beautiful!


Future is a mysterious thing. No one knows their future.You can't choose your future.Maybe you want to be a crusader,a paladin or a warrior.But it's impossible.But you can change your future,you can do your best to achieve your dream,then you will be successful.Success isn't a easy thing,if you challenge ,you will be the champion.

Trust yourself,you're the best.

拯救地球(Saving the Earth)


As time goes by, man is making the earth sick. People cut down too many trees and leave rubbish everywhere. Factories let out their waste without doing anying to it . This has caused some serious problems. Such as the land is sandy, the river is dirty, the air is less clean, even the temperature of the earth is rising.

What should we do to save the earth ? My suggestion is that we should plant more trees, put rubbish into dustbins and stop factories pouring waste directly into the air or rivers. After all , we have only one earth, we should do our best to protect it, or we will regret.


As time goes by, man is making the earth sick. People cut down too many trees and leave rubbish everywhere. Factories let waste without doing anything to it. This has caused some serious problems. For example, the land is sandy,; the river is dirty; the air is less clean; even the temperature of the earth is rising, and she is shouting for help. What shall we do to save her? I think that we should plant more trees, stop factories from pouring waste directly into the air or rivers. In all we have only one earth, we should do everything to protect it , or we will regret.

My friend and I

My friend is Lucy,She is a girl.In some ways,We are the same ,In some ways ,We are different.Lucy is moreathletic than me,I don't like sports.I like staying at home and reading.My books.I am smarter than her.My favorit subiects are Math and Chinese.her favorit subject is PE.she's hair is ionger than me.I am taller than her.We are both like .Muisc.We are both outgoing.

篇五:200字英语作文《Changes In My school》

Changes In My school

Everything is changing every second because nothing is forever. So is my school. Many changes have taken place in my school since I began to study here.

When I came to my school for the first time, I found it was so big that I almost lost my way among the buildings. At the same time, I found there were some words, spots even some pictures on the walls. Besides, in class our teacher used to meet some troubles with the computers. But last summer holiday our headmaster had our school buildings decorated, so our classrooms look brighter and cleaner than before and all the teaching equipments have become more modern. What’s more, I used to look up at my teachers when I answered their questions because they were so tall in my eyes. But now most of them have to look up at me if they ask me to answer questions because I have grown much taller.

In the past four years, my school has changed more beautiful and modern and I have grown up a lot. But now I have to say goodbye to her when I have been familiar with everything in my school. I think I will keep every piece of memory which happened in this school in my mind whenever and wherever. (218)